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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Little April Showers

I know I've been a little non-existent around here the past couple weeks. Truth be told it's that part in the semester when professors realize that they still have tons to teach you so they try to cram all their knowledge into you in an accelerated amount of time. (Does anyone know what I'm talking about?) So I've had a whole lot of information to learn and homework to complete and to be honest, it's been rough!

I have big dreams but little hopes that April will bring some relaxation my way. We've been getting a lot of lovely rain lately which has been delightful. I adore thunderstorms :)

When I was a little girl I used to love Bambi. (Really I have always loved any Disney movie!) Something reminded me of this little humdinger today and I just had to share it! The animation is just brilliant!

The video in turn reminded me of when I went on a nature walk a few days ago and snapped some pictures of little animal homes.

This month I am...
Reading: The Poetry of Robert Frost edited by Edward Connery Lathem 
Listening to: Pines by A Fine Frenzy
Planning to make: Knitted refrigerator magnets

xo ~ Shera

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