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Friday, March 1, 2013

Why Viggle Is The Coolest Thing Ever

So today I decided to tell you about the Viggle app, if you haven't already heard about it. It's a free app where you get free stuff just for watching tv. Yeah I said it, you get paid to lie around and watch your favorite shows. It's pretty amazing.
First what you do is check into whatever show you are watching. The app will listen to your tv for a few seconds to match it to (hopefully) the correct tv show. You earn points for how long you watch and sometimes some of the shows come with extra bonus points. You can also get extra bonus points by watching some videos on the app and playing some trivia games.

You save up your points and use them to get gift cards and other goodies from some of your favorite shops! (these vary monthly.) My dad bought me a mini fridge for my room with best buy gift cards from Viggle, and my mom and I both used our Viggle points to buy some Christmas presents this year.

Are you convinced yet?

Visit their website to learn more:

Happy viggling!

xo ~ Shera

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