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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Old Movie Review: Topper Returns

In Topper Returns, a young woman named Gail, (Joan Blondell) staying with her wealthy friend, Ann (Carole Landis,) makes the unlucky choice of switching bedrooms with her. That night Gail is mistaken for Ann and murdered. Now a ghost, Gail wanders over to the house next door and enlists the help of Cosmo Topper (Roland Young) to catch her killer!
Together with Topper's weary chauffeur (Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson,) they return to the home where they find Gail's body has disappeared. The whole house is woken up, and the ditsy Mrs. Topper (Billie Burke) invites herself and maid in for the mystery to keep an eye on her husband. The police are called, and Ann invites the handsome taxi driver, Bob (Dennis O'Keefe,) in as her bodyguard. Now everyone is a suspect in this comedic classic "who-dun-it" mystery complete with a Sea Lion.
Memorable Movie Line:  "Why, you're all wet. Is it raining out? Oh, but you haven't been out. Can't be raining in. Well, if it has, it's all cleared up." - Mrs. Topper

xo ~ Shera