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Monday, February 4, 2013

Musicbox Mondays

So this song...pretty much amazing. I don't even understand half of what Nikki Minaj is saying but I'm going to go ahead and call Alicia Keys my spirit animal of the moment.

Do you ever have a song that just gets you through the day? Or year maybe? So far it seems that this song is going to be my song of 2013. Like it has literally been getting me through these past couple of weeks.  In 2011, my senior year, it was Firework by Katy Perry.  For the second half of 2011 and most of 2012, Maroon 5's song Moves Like Jagger got me through my first year of college.  I'm not even sure what Moves Like Jagger is all about.  But for some reason, listening to it in the car just helped calm me down.  Maybe that is really wierd, I dunno.  I didn't really pick it, it just picked me.

What song keeps you going through out the day?

xo ~ Shera

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