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Friday, January 11, 2013

Birthday time

So Saturday was my birthday, and contrary to prior thought, there was no magical transformation where my youth was sucked out of me. I think that might actually be a gradual process.
Every year I have a little birthday tradition, I wake up and eat bacon and coffee (and whatever else is prepared for breakfast,) then go shopping with my Mom using the Christmas money and gift cards I acquired over the holiday, and eventually I go out to dinner with just my parents to a restaurant of my choosing. This year, we went back to Scrumbtious, a little burger and pie place in Mesquite that is absolutely delicious! Their pieshakes are incredible! I wish I got pictures...

I also squeeze in a little movie time during the day. This year I picked Paris When it Sizzles, because Audrey Hepburn is and will always be my favorite.

I had a wonderful time shopping, here is a peek at my treasures:

My family is notorious for being last minute shoppers and late gift givers, so I haven't received any actual presents yet, but my brother did give me $7 in cash so I could "buy my own gift." At least he promised to wrap it. I haven't had a birthday party or cake yet, but hopefully that will be soon when everyone can get together!
xo ~ Shera

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