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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

College blues and Hey Girl motivation

I know I haven't blogged any in a few months but I've been completely swamped with school this semester! It's finals week though, and I've only got one final left! Hopefully I'll be back around soon!  

Here's a little something from Pinterest I've been using for motivation:

One of my best friends, Taylor sent me this one before my algebra final yesterday: 

And here is one I made myself, just cause ;)

Xo ~ Shera

Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Musicbox Mondays

My classes start tomorrow! Am I nervous? Yes, but not as nervous as in semesters past. I am looking forward to it and dreading it and the same time! But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pleased with how much braver I've gotten :)
xo ~ Shera

Friday, August 16, 2013

Life Lately

August is halfway gone and I have one more free week before my classes start.  I am not looking forward to this. Its also my Mom's birthday on Sunday!  I'm still not sure what to get her.  Suggestions welcome!
 Hobby Lobby already has their Christmas goods up. Is it just me, or does it feel a little premature?
I worked as a leader at my church's Vacation Bible School recently.  For the first year ever we held it in the park, and not just one park but two different parks at the same time!  It was pretty crazy, crazier still when it rained almost every single day!  We still persevered and I loved every single minute of it!  It was such a blessing to be able to reach out to the community and spend time with my church family :)
In July I had the privilege of serving as a Shepherd for my church's Preteen Camp.  Above is a picture of me and my sweet 6th grade girls!  It was my 4th year to go as a counselor and I will always treasure the memories made.  God worked in some pretty incredible ways that week and I was glad to be a part of it.  I look forward to camp every year!  A lot of people can't stand spending a week taking care of a bunch of 3rd-6th graders.  Not to brag but I LOVE it!  Despite all the drama that happens, it is so worth it!  I've known since my junior year of high school that God has called me to Children's Ministry and it is such a honor to be a part of the lives of these children, even for just 5 days.
One of my very best friends moved to Oklahoma today as she transferred college.  She will be dearly missed!

I got to have one last summer adventure with two of my best friends as we took a road trip to Jefferson.  It was one of the greatest vacations of my life! I'll be blogging more about that later!

This month I am...
Reading: The Practice of Godliness  by  Jerry Bridges
Listening to: Mutual Friends  by  Boy
Making: the most of my free days before school starts
xo ~ Shera


Long Time No See

I know I've been a little MIA around my blog this summer. Things have been crazy busy but to make up for it, here are pictures of hot men and their feline counterparts. Hope you enjoy ;)
xo ~ Shera

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy (late) 4th!

I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th last week! I got to spend my day with family having a cookout, riding horses and shooting fireworks. There is no better way if you ask me! :)
I made a cherry/blueberry America flag pie which I'm pretty proud of. It wasn't perfect looking but everyone thought it was pretty stinkin' cute.
My sister and I introduced my dad to snapchat. Here are a few that I saved:


Lastly here are some iphone pictures of our fireworks. Not because I don't think you haven't seen enough (really can there ever be to many fireworks?) but because I don't think a 4th of July photo collection would be complete without them!

 xo ~ Shera


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hey June..

Once again, I've really been lagging in my blogging! But it's been such a busy month!  Last week I was a counselor at my church's youth camp.  This week I've was sick with pharyngitis and next week I'm leaving again to serve as a counselor for my church's preteen camp.  It was my first time to go back to youth camp as a counselor and I honestly loved it!  I feel so blessed to have been given that opportunity and I sincerely hope I'll be able to go back next year!  I have been serving as a "Shepard" for Preteen Camp since I was 17 and it's always a joy to go back! I look forward to it every summer!
Here is some things I've been up to the past month:
I said goodbye to my friend Sarah a couple weeks ago as she is serving in Russia this summer on a mission trip.  A few of us got together for finger doughnuts before she left! I'm missing her already!

I also went to a Ranger's game a couple weeks ago! It was pretty fun even though I'm pretty sure I dozed off in my seat for a little while.
It was my little brother's birthday last month, he turned 13! He lucked out this year with three birthday parties (one with each side of the family and one with just friends.)

Ha! I mentioned last month that I was going to have my hammock put up this month and here it is! (with Luke napping in it!) I'm honestly surprised myself that it happened, all the credit goes to my incredibly handy dad ;)
For his Father's Day lunch we went to the China Café. Yummy!

I had a mini StarWars marathon with my brother over the weekend. He had me record them for him on TV (What he doesn't know is, my sister and I ordered him the whole set for his birthday, they just haven't come in yet! He suspects nothing.) Finn watched part of them with us. Above is his expression at the first sighting of Darth Vader. Even he knew that the sith lord was bad news. 
I can't believe he is turning 1 year old! What a stinker ;)
This month I am...
Reading: The Pursuit of Holiness  by  Jerry Bridges
Listening to: Paint Me A Picture  by  Aaron Wagner
Planning to: spend a lot of time outdoors!
xo ~ Shera


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

National Hug Your Cat Day!

It's national hug your cat day!  Otherwise know as Finn's living nightmare (he isn't a very snugly kitty)

I promise he isn't dead or on drugs in the last pictures, he was actually half asleep.  He doesn't like taking pictures (or snuggling) so I have to get pretty creative. Half asleep is when he is most accessible ;)

Hope you and your cat have a wonderful day! 

Xo ~ Shera

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lets talk about...failure

Failure is a pretty icky word. No one likes to hear it and no one likes to say it. As for myself, failure has always been one of my biggest fears. Being a perfectionist I hate it when things don't go the way I planned. And to be honest this happens a lot! I have always struggled with self depreciating feelings. I compare myself to much to others but I'm always willing to let them off the hook whereas with myself I can't forgive my mistakes. To often we worry that we will never amount to anything, that we will always be rejected. That we are simply not enough. We get wrapped up in the moment, believing that we cannot go on from here. But here are some people who were thought to be failures, who got shot down and rejected but they didn't give up and today we can hardly imagine what the world would be like without them. They are some of our heroes and inspirations. Yet they, like us, are human, and like us witnessed their fair share of failure.

Just about any movie you watch, every book you read, the hero or heroine has to go through their fair share of failures before the great climax where they finally succeed at their dream. Every superhero falls at some point, but it's how they pick themselves back up that inspires us. It's our failures that shape us, who craft is into the people we are today. It's the way we handle our imperfections that dictates how our stories will go.

xo ~ Shera