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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Favorite Christmas Movies: part 1

Every year, there are tons of Christmas movies and specials that come on tv and today I thought I would share some of my favorites. 
This is one of my very favorites! The story is based on the famous painter Thomas Kinkade, played by Jared Padalecki. Its about the lessons he learns one Christmas while struggling to make enough money to pay the mortgage on his mother's house. Under the guidance of his neighbor, Glen (played by the legendary Peter O'Toole,) and with help from the kooky towns members, Tom finds his calling as the Painter of Light.
I basically grew up watching this movie, it was my dad's favorite so we watched it every year.  Its two sequels have absolutely nothing on the original. In the movie, Scott Calvin, (played by Tim Allen, of course) gets his kid, Charlie, for the night of Christmas Eve. When Santa comes to visit, Scott inadvertently causes him to fall off the roof. When he puts on the suit, Scott unwittingly accepts a contract to be the new Santa.  
Will Ferrell is the naive and optimistic Buddy, adopted by elves and raised in the north pole. When he discovers his heritage, Buddy sets off on a quest to find his real father and restore the Christmas spirit in the people of New York.
On Christmas Eve, a young boy, skeptical of Christmas and on the verge of losing all faith in Santa Claus, is whisked away on a magical train to the north pole. Its creative and heartwarming, an exciting tale for the whole family to enjoy.
A movie about two women, both heartbroken who decide to take a vacation and switch homes for Christmas. Amanda (Cameron Diaz) lives in LA, and as has just kicked her boyfriend out of her house for cheating on her. Iris, (Kate Winslet) lives in Surrey, England and still can't get over her love for her recently engaged and womanizing co-worker who strings her along but will not love her back. Things get complicated when Amanda accidentally falls for Iris's widowed brother and Iris befriends an old Hollywood screen writer and a young composer in a tedious relationship with an actress. Its not the most Christmassy, but its a wonderful film in my opinion with the best music
A british romatic comedy with an ensamble cast that revolves around the lives of different people both young and old. The overlapping stories are each unique and portray all types of love at Christmas time. Its clever and sweet and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

xo ~ Shera

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