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Monday, December 31, 2012

Buying a Calender Is a Long-Term Commitment

As we wave goodbye to 2012 and say hello to 2013, (the first year not to have repeat digits since 1987,) there arises a prevailing need if one is to expect to properly function in the new year, a calender. Thanks to developing technology we now calenders on our phones, computers, tablets, ipods, watches, and anything else that beeps or glows, so the essence of a good, old fashioned, paper, wall calender diminishes. But not for everyone. There are yet a few who still hold the hanging of a calender dear and useful.

I'm sure several people who dropped the ball on this responsibility thought they wouldn't need to go calender shopping due to the fact that they thought the world was ending and they wouldn't have to prepare for the coming year.  As it has become common knowledge that the world did not end, a calender is once again required unless you happen to be one of the hoarders who still have a calender left around from 2002, 1991, 1985, 1974, 1963, 1957, 1946, 1935, 1929, or 1918 that you can reuse this year.

But there is something most people overlook when purchasing a calender and that is that buying a calender is a long-term commitment! Much like registering for college classes (which I still haven't done) or cutting your hair, or getting married, (okay, maybe not so big a commitment as the latter,) a calender can be a big life decision. Its something that will stick with you for an entire year. A lot of people will just buy the first one they pick up, whether that be kittens or flowers. And while kittens and flowers are both pleasing to look at, most people still don't understand what they have chained themselves to.

For starters you will have to look at it day after day. Not only you but others who visit your home have a good chance of catching a glimpse. So it has to be something that not only expresses your interests but also something that isn't to terribly embarrassing. Images can affect your mood, so you might want to choose something pleasing and empowering.
Also, consider the calender placement. If it hangs in your kitchen - think about this, while your frying up bacon in the morning or baking chicken, or grilling a burger, do you want to look over at your baby farm animals calender and have a reminder of what your meal probably looked like just a few months ago?
If it hangs in your bedroom -  how is your spouse or significant other going to feel when they look over to see what you've got planned for the weekend and see images of shirtless men or half naked ladies. It's probably going to be a mood dampener...
If it hangs in the bathroom - this one could be a little tricky because different people do different things in the bathroom. I would recommend a calender without people, or at least without them staring directly at you. I speak from experience here. I once had to endure an entire month of Edward Cullen watching me pee:
I recommend the bedroom setting now since there are more options for that environment. Although I am sad to be taking down my beloved Audrey Hepburn calendar, it's exciting (and a little terrifying,) to think about the possibilities that can now grace my wall. Plus Barnes & Noble is having a great sale on calendars. My current choices vary from Peanuts to Paris to Hot Royals. I still haven't decided which will be the wisest commitment.
Wishing you the very best luck with your new calender. I hope you will be very happy together.
xo ~ Shera


  1. Lol I've never thought of calendars this way. But it's a good way of looking at it. I bought 2 this year !! It wasn't planned. I found one that I thought was perfect for me, but then I found another one that was even more prefect for me !! Well, now I am going to use one for my blog as I'd like to develop it this year, and one for everything else. Happy new year !

  2. No one ever thinks that much of calenders. I myself over-think everything though!
    Happy New Year to you too!