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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A look back: goals of the season

So back in late September at the start of Fall I had decided to set four simple goals for myself.  I decided that I would be happy if I only got one of them done and now that Autumn is coming to a close and the official start of winter will soon be upon us, I am pleased to announce that I did not one but three things!

 1. Bake a pie from scratch
- I made not one, but two pies from scratch for Thanksgiving! Both apple and cherry, and they were good :)

 2. Wear a dress to class
- So this one wasn't exactly brain surgery, but it took planning to pick a day when the weather would be nice enough outside and when my legs were shaved because I lost my leggings. Here is a picture of me that is reminiscent of many a myspace pic

 3. Sell something on Etsy
- I had just opened my etsy store when I made my goals and I was extremely nervous to see if anyone would actually buy anything from me. But they did and I am so incredibly happy! So far I've sold, all my kitty collars, a scarf, and a snowman ornament (the last sale mentioned was not officially on etsy, but whatever.) I'm so excited to out new things up soon, probably after Christmas since I still have some gifts I'm knitting.

And there you have it. The only goal I did not accomplish was baking a bread using yeast but I'll survive, maybe that can go on my winter goals :)

xo~ Shera

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