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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So long, November

Is it just me?  Or did this month just flash by? 
November has surely been a eventful month for myself and my family.  It's been filled with stress, funerals, and trips to the ICU.  But it's also held a great deal, of learning, love, and joy.  

Now that I look back on this month, I realize how much it has truly meant.  At the time of course, I was only focused on myself, my classes, and the ginormous amount of stress that seemed to be never ending.

I journal almost every week, if not every other day. Journaling is something that I use to help me remember not only what I did each day, but also the bad things that happened so that I can draw experience from them.  And more importantly, the good things, the things that make life worth living. 

Thanks to my journal, I feel like I uncover so much more about myself, how judgemental and selfish I often can be.  These are things about myself I wish to work on; I want to be able to record more pleasant things about myself.  I ought to focus more on the positive and less on the negative.  I know it's not something I can change over night, but it's something I can take steps toward today.

This is my second year to record one thing, and one person for every day of November leading up to Thanksgiving.  It didn't have to be anything major, most was pretty random - random little things that brought a smile to my face and gratitude to my heart.  I did this last year and it was a huge blessing.  This year, it has also helped me to fill my mind with the things I should be thinking of, thoughts of hope and of thankfulness. Each day I searched for something and someone that simply impacted me in some small way so that I could write it down.  So I could remember how grateful I was for that sweet, simple, part of my day.

This Thanksgiving has given me so much.  Sure it was riddled with plenty of stress, but I think part of life is learning to look past that unpleasant things and to give thanks for the blessings we do have.

What is November all about really if not giving thanks?

xo ~ Shera


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