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Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's Bond, Kitty Bond

Recently I've been in quite the knitting mood (which, I suppose, is a pretty good thing for my etsy shop!)  In honor of the newest James Bond movie coming out, (which I sheepishly admit, I'm pretty excited to go see,) I made a tuxedo collar for Finn! 
Finn already thinks he is pretty crafty/sneaky.  He maybe would have made a pretty good secret agent actually, that is if he had thumbs...
The design is all my own. I wrote it down, but then Finn ate the paper.  I suppose he didn't want any other cats to jack his style.  I already made 2 to sell on my Etsy shop (what Finn doesn't know won't kill him!)
 Personally I think he looks pretty dapper, and surprisingly, he loves to wear it!  I'm not kidding, he didn't really like his actually collar I bought him, but this collar he enjoys to have on!  He actually got mad at my sister when she tried to take it off the other day.

I plan on making a pink or purple one for the lady cats who want to channel Pussy Galore.  Get it?  (I know, I know, I am such a nerd.)
Maybe this could be another idea for Halloween next year?
xo ~ Shera

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