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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cold Weather and Wendy's Treats

It's finally getting cold!  I'm very excited even though there is a good chance it will get warmer again next week.  Yesterday afternoon I was walking around in a sleeveless dress but that evening I ended up in jeans, boots and a jacket and I slept under two blankets, nearly freezing.
I took my little brother and our two cousins out to Wendy's after school.  They loved it and I loved that it only cost me six bucks!  (And of course the whole making children happy thing, I loved that too.)
It was a sweet treat after a long day of school and a fun break for Luke after doing working hard in the yard.
I was pleasantly surprised to awaken to a chilly day.  Luke had a soccer game early this morning that I went to.  My sister and I sat in the back of the car, wrapped under a blanket and sipping warm coffee.  She listened to 100 Monkeys on her ipod and I worked on my math homework.  We are such supportive sisters.
xox ~ Shera

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