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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Book Review - Spooky Edition!

Both of these books I discovered by accident about a year ago when the Borders bookstore by my house was closing and they had a huge sale.  I went with a friend of mine who introduced me to the Christian fiction section which we subsequently raided.  I came home that day the proud owner of two spooky looking horror and suspense books.  Had they not been on sale I probably would not have bought them just because I do not usually buy books I haven't read before.  But after spending a weekend filled with hair-raising chapters and stressful plot twists, I can say I'm very glad I did.
"Nightmare" by Robin Parrish, was probably my favorite out of the two because the characters were a little closer to my age and easier to connect with.  Maia Peters, the main protagonist is the daughter of two world-renowned paranormal investigators.  She is a college student who is trying desperately to fade out of her parent's spotlight so she can live her own life.  When visiting the hottest new amusement park, Ghost Town, with two friends they enter the famous Haunted House ride.  Not expecting to be affected in the least, Maia counts the ride off as a Hollywood-induced hoax until a face appears from a mist and whispers to her "The nightmare is coming."  The face belongs to Maia's former friend, Jordin, who, she finds out the next the day, is missing.  Together with Jordin's fiance, Derek, a pastor's kid who has very different beliefs then her own, Maia sets off to unravel the mystery of Jordin's disappearance, not knowing whether or not it's to late to save her.
I'm not going to lie, it was the title and cover that really attracted me to this book.  I liked the simplicity and the mystery that it offered and that's what originally drew me in - not a lot of books have that, I feel.  The story for me was easy to read and understand.  It was also very easy to keep reading.  It begs an interesting and controversial question about ghosts and the paranormal.  If you do decide to give this book a read, I highly recommend that you read the author's notes at the end where he gives a brief explanation of his beliefs about the paranormal.  Oh and the author is a He!  I initially thought that He was a She because of how well I felt the character of Maia was written.  So yeah, it's a great book, and you can buy it used on for one cent!  You should definitely read it!

Written by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker, both of whom are well known for their acclaimed supernatural thrillers, "House" was completely not what I expected.  The book follows Jack and Stephanie, a married couple still grieving over the loss of their daughter and most likely headed toward a divorce.  They meet up with Randy and Leslie, a dating couple, after getting lost and stranded at an old Victorian house which is serviced as an inn but a creepy, backwoods family.  Just as you think the night can't get any more chilling, the power goes off and it is revealed that they are locked in the house by a serial killer who claims he will murder all seven of them if they don't kill one of their own by dawn. 
Expect this book to get creepy as the story progresses.  A lot of it I wasn't sure I understood, it was like reading a bad nightmare.  But I couldn't put it down - it was that gripping!  There is a lot of symbolism and hidden meanings.  Fun-fact!  This book was actually made into a movie by Lions Gate.  Just like most movies, it didn't follow the book exactly and the plot differed a bunch.  It seemed like they were trying pretty hard to cut out the Christian symbolism in it.  I actually found the book to be a lot scarier than this R rated film version.  But it was cool to see it in on screen.  You can get the book used on Amazon for one cent and the DVD for 1.99! 
I recommend both of these books for a spooky Halloween read!
xo ~Shera

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