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Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Very Zombie Birthday!

Even though my sister's birthday was back in September, I thought this would still be an appropriate time to share what I got her for her birthday.  I would like to point out right now that contrary to popular belief, I am not paranoid, and I do not think that there will be a zombie apocalypse in the near future..or ever.  Although I love The Walking Dead and sometimes wonder if I could last in a zombie infested world, I am not obsessed, I just maybe got a little carried away.  For Hannah's birthday last year, I gave her a DVD of one of her favorite movies, Aaah! Zombies!! so this year I planned to continue the tradition and, like I said, got a tiny bit carried away. 

Here's a peek at her card:
We both have a bit of a dark sense of humor.
I gave her three packages that said:
1) To prepare you for the horrors ahead
2) To equip you to survive
3) and just in case you don't make it
I also took the time to create her a booklet to go with the last present.  I took pictures of her favorite male celebrities and colored them to make them look like zombies! (Because I'm just that thoughtful.)

From the big grin she is givin' the camera, you can tell that she got a big kick out of it all!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo - Shera

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