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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Goals of the Season

Today I was suddenly inspired to make a list of at least four things to do before Winter hits, (which is December 21 - I checked.)  And here it is! 4 simple things, not to do with schoolwork or work work or anything anyone else might deem "useful." 

Just four simple things to make me happy :)
So you may be thinking, bake a pie from scratch?  Well the truth is out, I have never baked a pie entirely from scratch!  I'm actually rather ashamed to admit it.  And I've never used yeast either.  It has always seemed rather complicated and I have no idea how to use it.  But I'm going to use it and when I use yeast and make a just-from-scratch pie, you have been warned - I will be very excited/proud/exhilarated!

Wearing a dress to class is something I've never actually done.  I don't often wear dresses; in fact I have only recently started to get really into them.  So wearing a dress to class is a little out of my comfort zone, and also probably the only thing on my list I may actually regret. (Unless of course I catch the house on fire - in which case, I may regret those first two.)
And finally, selling something on Etsy!  I'm broke, I need money, I don't have time for a job, and I've always wanted to.
This list now hangs in my room.  Even if I only get one done, I will be blissful!
xo ~Shera

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