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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Antique Malls and Rain Storms in Granbury

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday, so per her request the whole family went to visit Granbury for the day.  I decided to conserve energy by taking a nap the whole way there and my Dad decided it was finally time to give the Beatles CD I bought him for Christmas a listen. #betterlatethennever.
Our first stop was to a little Cowboy store that I forgot the name of and was ridiculously over-priced.  Needless to say, my family still found ways to enjoy themselves....

Next we went to I guess what is the town square.  They were putting on some little skits around the town and I regret to say that I did not get any pictures.  Some of these skits involved shooting a gun in the air.  My sister Hannah particularly enjoyed these, (as you can see from the above photo, she has a fondness for firearms,) and screamed every time a gun went off. 
Granbury has a lot of history.  Davy Crockett's descendants resided there and supposedly so did John Wilkes Booth for a time.  On some weekends it also has ghost tours which I think would be exciting to go on.

Most of our day was spent in and out of the antique malls.  My Mom, Hannah and myself enjoied riffleing through the prehistoric trinkets and venerable relics.  My Dad and brother...not so much.

My brother Luke did find a hat though of which he was very proud.  We also visited a museum of an old jail.  Some of it was kinda cool, but our tour guide was kind of a drag.  He reminded me a lot of my former English Professor, only not as crass.  Here is a picture of Luke wearing his new cap and making friendly with the current inhabitants:

We next visited a furniture store mainly because we needed to use their facilities and the public ones where missing a few key comforts, (such as doors, air conditioning and soap!)  Compared to the first one we tried, these bathrooms seemed like a gift from heaven.  Their was a lot of interesting furniture, but none so fascinating to me as the porch swings and seesaws out front.  I enjoyed them quite a bit :)

When we got back to visiting the antique malls it started to pour down rain!  Because we had not finished going through all the boutiques, we decided to soldier on!  And because we are to cheap to buy umbrellas, we all got wet. 

Once we got out of the last store, it of course stopped raining.  Still it was a very good day.  I enjoyed finding new treasures, spending time with family and all the free hot sauce samples.  While my family purchased themselves items mainly clothing related, I found this little beauty:

It's a puzzle piece toast cutter! (and it's simply darling!)  I also came away with half a pound of dark chocolate fudge.  You should notice as I just did that both my purchases are food related...oh well :)

XO - Shera

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