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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to School: Day 2

Today was pretty crazy!  I don't know why but for some reason I expected to have a pretty uneventful day.  
For starters there were absolutely no parking spots!  I was almost panicking as I often do that I would be late for class but then I finally found a spot way back in the very back of the parking lot.  Then I had to walk all the way across campus to the third floor of another building. 
 I saw a lot of familiar faces, which was really nice for the most part.  Except when I bumped into someone I have been trying to avoid ever since my first semester.  As it turns out, he has the class just before mine.  All my hard work of avoidance went right down the drain.  So now every Tuesday for the rest of the semester, I will get to see him walk out before I can walk in.  Terrific.
Both of my professors today were pretty nice.  I have a feeling that I'm going to have a ton of work to do this year though.
A few other things happened to spoil my day.  The main one was when I walked all the way back to my car, filled with joy and freedom after my classes were over, I found a ticket for a parking violation taped to my window.  Apparently the parking spot I parked in, was not a parking space at all, (although there was nothing to indicate otherwise.) 

Thus concludes the adventure of my first day of second classes....or is it my second day of first classes?

Here's hoping your day was a little nicer than mine.

XO - Shera

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School: Day 1

Today was my first day of classes back at college.  This will be my second fall semester!  I have mixed feelings about it.  On one hand I like learning and I am excited to get more classes out of the way.  On the other, I hate the feeling of losing my summer freedom.  And while I enjoy buying new books for class, I hate buying school supplies.  I spent $40 on school supplies this morning and I didn't even get any crayons!  I think college would be a happier place if we got to color during class. 
My first and only class today was Math.  My instructor is a pretty neat old dude.  He seems pretty easy-going and understandable - even though he has a habit of elongating the vowels of every word when he talks.  He is a lot different than my previous professor who was strict and hard to understand.  (For example, she pronounced DMAT; demon.)
Tomorrow is another day of new classes!  I'm nervous, but mostly just worried about all the work I will be doing the fall.  I'm not sure how well my kitten, Finn, is going to take the constant separation.  This morning he held onto my leg, not wanting me to leave. 
Isn't that sweet?  He's a real stinker!  So it's a good thing he's so adorable.
I hope you have a happy start to the new school year!
XO- Shera

Musicbox Mondays

I just love that song and I think the music video is adorable!  Hope it made your day a little sweeter :)

XO - Shera

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Toms: Shoes That Soothe My Sole

By now most people have heard of Toms Shoes.  For every pair of shoes you purchase, they send one to a child in need.  Many children in developing countries grow up barefoot. Whether at play, doing chores or going to school, these children are at risk of getting painful cuts or sores on their feet that can become infected.  Another thing is soil-transmitted diseases, which can penetrate the skin through bare feet.  Not to mention many children can not attend school because shoes are often part of the required uniform and therefore they have no way to receive an education.  With a simple pair of shoes, Tom's provides these children with a better chance for life.

Now Toms also sells sunglasses!  When you buy a pair of Toms glasses, they provide medical treatment, prescription glasses or sight saving surgery to a person in need.  You can read more about it here on their website.
Toms shoes are stylish and comfortable.  They are probably some of the most versatile shoes I own!  They have so many different options and colors to choose from!  Plus you can always buy a plain pair and decorate them yourself!   That's how I got my first my first pair when I was in high school.   I was attending a Disciple Now weekend at my church and we had a Toms decorating party.   Everyone started with a pair of basic white toms.  Here is how I painted mine!

They are a little worn now, a little faded, but still cute!  My next pair I got a pair of the ash grey so I could wear them with virtually anything!  And I do, I wear them everywhere!  As you can see from the picture below, I wear them so much that they've started to wear in the toes.

My newest pair I purchased this summer are the red toms.  Red is my favorite color, and these toms add a pop of color to any outfit!
Aren't they the sweetest?  I also got one the Toms journals, which I also love!  If You don't have a pair of Toms, you should definitely get some!  All shipping is free through 8/27!

XO - Shera

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Adventures in baking: Apple Pie Baked in the Apples

I love baking pie, it's one of the things I look forward to most during the holiday season.  Just thinking of baking a pie makes me happy.  My favorite pie to eat is cherry pie, in fact of all the pies I bake its probably the only one I make sure I get a slice or two of.  But I don't like just baking cherry, I like to bake a variety, I just want other people to eat them for me.

I have a confession to make though.  I am ashamed to admit it but a lot of times when I bake pies I use the easy way and buy pie crust and filling and then just make it look pretty, (I require all my pies to look pretty, if they don't then I feel I have failed my mission in life.)  But this year I intend to do things differently and bake them from scratch! 

Apple pie is probably the most loved by the general public. I don't know why but I never liked it growing up. Maybe it was just the way other people baked it, but even when I did, I didn't like it.  (Maybe it was because I didn't make it from scratch -_-)  But then one day, around the time I first discovered Pinterest, I found this recipe.  These little apple pies baked in the apple were so adorable and creative I couldn't resist, I just had to make them!  I pushed aside my aforementioned distaste for apple pies and went straight to the store to buy ingredients for my new experiment.  An hour later and they were ready!

How can you not look at those and then tell me your mouth doesn't water?  But then the real test came.  Just because they looked good didn't mean they would taste good and all my hard work would have been for nothing.  I took my first bite and it was magic.  I like to think of it as an awakening.  Apple pie is good!  Especially if it's baked in an apple. 

XO- Shera

Nerdy Wordy Wednesday

I like words.  I like learning new words and using old words and unusual words that most people don't know then I seem intelligent.  Or they just look at me like I'm stupid because I used a big word.  (Does this ever happen to you?  Or is it just me?)
But I thought I would start a Nerdy Wordy Wednesday and highlight a special word each week so that I can use knew words and share them with others via blog instead of making up a random meaningless conversation for the sole purpose of using a big word.

So today's word is.........(drum-roll)........

Doesn't that just sound cool?  If you were to use Juxtaposition in a sentence someone might think that you are an accomplished thinker.  Or if that person were my uncle, he would probably mutter, "homeschooled," and then walk away. 

And there you have it, Juxtaposition.  Use it wisely.

XO - Shera

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello, my name is Shera and I am addicted to online shopping

There is something about me you should know.  Nothing thrills me more than getting a package in the mail and that's why online shopping is the bomb.  Its the anticipation of knowing that any day now, when I open my mailbox a little brown package will be waiting there just for me.  Then there is either the let down of an empty mailbox (or at least empty of any meaning to me,) where I return inside with a couple bills and a newsletter.  Or the triumphal feel of seeing that little box or envelope and thinking, "Yes! My life is now complete!" - at least until tomorrow when Modcloth updates their inventory.

I once saw this documentary at the IMAX about skydiving and these adrenaline junkies who are addicted to that rush because of some chemical imbalance in their brain - I may have completely misunderstood that film, I was 11 at the time.  I sometimes think my package obsession is similar to that.  What I mean to say is, getting stuff in the mail can big time mess with my mood.  (As you can imagine I am a sea of emotion around Christmas time.)

Etsy is a particular weakness of mine.  If you don't know what that is, (which I doubt because it's highly amazing,) I suggest you visit that place immediately.  There are so many unique, vintage or handcrafted treasures to discover.  Some day I plan on actually selling something on Etsy...when that happens I will be sure to let you know.  Some of my favorite purchases include this headband from Folding Chair Designs  and this hair clip from ohmydearlove.  Here is a picture of my most recent buy from Swallow's Heart :
I just love her items :) In case you where wondering, here are a few things on my Etsy wishlist:
 Zombie Flannel hand dyed yarn!
Vintage bird hair pins
Design your own - Hand stamped bracelet

I heard from somewhere that the postal service may start going out of business because everyone pays bills and stuff online.  I may be the driving force that saves that industry.
XO - Shera

Musicbox Mondays

Mondays are not usually most people's favorite day.  Generally they aren't my favorite day either.  In view of this fact, here is a little music to make your Monday sweeter...

XO - Shera

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Antique Malls and Rain Storms in Granbury

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday, so per her request the whole family went to visit Granbury for the day.  I decided to conserve energy by taking a nap the whole way there and my Dad decided it was finally time to give the Beatles CD I bought him for Christmas a listen. #betterlatethennever.
Our first stop was to a little Cowboy store that I forgot the name of and was ridiculously over-priced.  Needless to say, my family still found ways to enjoy themselves....

Next we went to I guess what is the town square.  They were putting on some little skits around the town and I regret to say that I did not get any pictures.  Some of these skits involved shooting a gun in the air.  My sister Hannah particularly enjoyed these, (as you can see from the above photo, she has a fondness for firearms,) and screamed every time a gun went off. 
Granbury has a lot of history.  Davy Crockett's descendants resided there and supposedly so did John Wilkes Booth for a time.  On some weekends it also has ghost tours which I think would be exciting to go on.

Most of our day was spent in and out of the antique malls.  My Mom, Hannah and myself enjoied riffleing through the prehistoric trinkets and venerable relics.  My Dad and brother...not so much.

My brother Luke did find a hat though of which he was very proud.  We also visited a museum of an old jail.  Some of it was kinda cool, but our tour guide was kind of a drag.  He reminded me a lot of my former English Professor, only not as crass.  Here is a picture of Luke wearing his new cap and making friendly with the current inhabitants:

We next visited a furniture store mainly because we needed to use their facilities and the public ones where missing a few key comforts, (such as doors, air conditioning and soap!)  Compared to the first one we tried, these bathrooms seemed like a gift from heaven.  Their was a lot of interesting furniture, but none so fascinating to me as the porch swings and seesaws out front.  I enjoyed them quite a bit :)

When we got back to visiting the antique malls it started to pour down rain!  Because we had not finished going through all the boutiques, we decided to soldier on!  And because we are to cheap to buy umbrellas, we all got wet. 

Once we got out of the last store, it of course stopped raining.  Still it was a very good day.  I enjoyed finding new treasures, spending time with family and all the free hot sauce samples.  While my family purchased themselves items mainly clothing related, I found this little beauty:

It's a puzzle piece toast cutter! (and it's simply darling!)  I also came away with half a pound of dark chocolate fudge.  You should notice as I just did that both my purchases are food related...oh well :)

XO - Shera

Friday, August 17, 2012

Knit Your Own Dog

Knit Your Own Dog is a book of knitting patterns by Sally Muir and Joanna Osbourne.  I found my copy on ModCloth and fell in love!  It has 25 of the cutest knitted dogs ever.  Each pattern is simple and easy to read.  I just finished my first attempt the other day:
As you can see I made the Labrador since it was one of the more basic patterns in the book.  I ordered the yarn from Ebay since that particular color had been discontinued.  I added my own touch with the bow on the collar.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves knitting and/or dogs.  These puppies will make some great Christmas presents.
XO - Shera

Adventure's in Baking: Pretty Peach Colorful Coconut Cookies

I was looking for something new and unique to make for a bake sale fundraisers when I found this recipie.  At first I wasn't so sure about them, coconut not really being my favorite, but I decided to give them a try.  The result was pure magic!  Unfortunately not everyone was as willing to take a chance on these as I was but that only meant that I got to take most of them home with me.  Here is a picture of one I made, my sister was modeling it for me before she ate it! 
They taste as pretty as they look!
XO - Shera

Adventures in Baking: Strawberry Nutella Poptarts

Nutella is probably the greatest discovery I ever made.  If you are not accustomed to this little gift from heaven, I suggest you do so immediately.  Then you'll have me to thank for changing you life :)
Besides Nutella, strawberries are another passion of mine.  Often I combine the two for a wonderful little dish.  Strawberries taste good with just about anything. 
I found this recipe on Pinterest and just had to try it out.  Pie is one of my great loves and so this was just perfect.  These babies are probably one of the tastiest breakfast dishes ever!
XO - Shera

My Tree Stump Coasters

I found this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess. I had been looking for some coasters for my room when I came across this diy. I thought it was absolutely charming so I dragged my sister to Michael's Craft Store with me and purchased the felt and embroidery thread. It was so cute and easy, (my kind of craft,) and only took me a few days to make five individual coasters. You can find the tutorial here and now some pictures of my work in progress:

Hope you enjoied!
XO- Shera

Hello World

As I am writing this I am also watching Mata Hari for the first time. You may have heard of it, the old black and white movie with Greta Garbo. To be honest I'm not really sure what is going on in this film, (I haven't exactly been giving it my undivided attention.) One of my favorite things to do when I have nothing else to do is watch old movies like these. TCM is probably one of my favorite channels - if not my most favorite. The one thing I can say about this movie is that Greta Garbo is pretty fabulous.

I've never blogged before really.  In middle school I had a Xanga if anyone remembers that.  I like to think I've matured a bit since then.  I decided to give blogging another shot after reading some other blogs for some time.  A Beautiful Mess is one of my favorites and I find it particularly inspiring.  I'm always pinning diy tutorials from them on Pinterest (which has become an obsession of mine.)  Now that you know I love old movies, diy, and Pinterest, here are a few more things about me:
My name is Shera.  I know its an unusual name but I often think I'm a bit of an unusual person.  It's pronounced share-ah.  Most people never pronounce it right on the first try, (or the second, or the third...)  I'm 19 years old and currently attending community college.  I live with my grandmother, and enjoy baking, knitting, reading and writing as well as dancing wildly in my room.  I'm sure that is enough to bore most people to death, I ramble on about a lot of things sometimes, I'm also terribly accident prone.
I'm a Christian and I love attending my church where I just finished working this summer as an intern.  I also volunteer in Awana's, Children's church and find myself helping in every other children's activity.  I feel that God has called me to be a Children's Minister.  I know I'm probably one of the least qualified people for that job but I made up my mind a long time ago to follow where He leads no matter what I think about it. 
             I suppose that's enough for now, you'll learn more about me later.
XO - Shera